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My project requires a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), can Geoimage provide this?
We can create Digital Elevation Models from a range of satellites which offer stereo capability. These include ALOS. WorldViews-1 & 2, IKONOS and GeoEye-1.
What is orthorectification?
Orthorectification is the process of geometrically correcting an image for inherent distortions resulting in a uniform scale across the image. Orthorectification is necessary for any image which will be used in any mapping application.
Do we need to have GIS software/people to use Geoimage's services?
Geoimage offers clients solutions that fit with their current technology and/or data requirements. We can make recommendations to establish a GIS system, if that is required, or offer complete packages of work where the deliverables are supplied in a format compatible with your business requirements.
Can we use archive imagery and new imagery to measure change over time?
Geoimage has access to a wide range of archive libraries containing imagery captured as far back as 1972. Subject to being able to accurately register multiple image dates, change in landcover or vegetation can be detected over time. Geoimage can also generate reports on the direction and magnitude of change.
Do we need good quality data to be able to generate 3D visualisations?
Any 3D visualisation is dependent on having imagery and digital terrain model (DTM) surfaces as the base. With visualisation, the resolution of the DTM can be resampled to enable faster display of the visual model. Multiple imagery products can be integrated into a single model to provide detail when zoomed over an area of interest and coarser context imagery over the full model extent. Geoimage can offer recommendations on preferred imagery and DTM combinations, depending on the purpose of the model and the timeframe and budget.
What format(s) of digital data can Geoimage analyse?
Analysis is undertaken in the most appropriate data structure (vector or raster) and format to derive the most accurate answers to your geospatial problems. Resulting data can be provided in most proprietary formats. Feel free to contact to a Geoimage specialist to query specific data formats and structural requirements
Can my data be managed and accessed via the internet?
In collaboration with like-minded business partners, Geoimage can offer a range of services for storing, viewing and accessing your data via the internet. Data can be served back to you in a web browser environment as well as into GIS software via Web Feature Services and Web Mapping Services.
How can Remote Sensing be used to enhance our existing GIS setup?
Geoimage can offer both pixel based and object based image analysis. Using classification techniques, our analysts can generate features for extract from the image source. Remotely sensed imagery offers a highly valuable source of accurate, timely and available data from which targets can be identified. Whether using the information source to identify vegetation communities, water bodies, impervious surfaces or zones of mineralisation, Geoimage can offer efficient and scientifically defensible solutions.
What experience does Geoimage have in offering value added services?
Geoimage�s team of professionals have a wide range of backgrounds and experience in offering value added services. Many of the Geoimage team have worked in consulting prior to joining Geoimage and continue to work closely with clients to scope, define and offer solutions based on geospatial data. Value added services offered by Geoimage may or may not include imagery, and range from offering support in the design and implementation of systems, to support the use of geospatial information through to the manipulation, analysis, modelling and presentation of that information.
What industry groups or sectors has Geoimage advised?
Geoimage is fortunate to have a team of professionals with highly diverse backgrounds, ranging from environmental science, botany, geology and exploration through to mathematics, graphic design and computer science. Most team members have actively worked in the geospatial field for most of their careers and have applied spatial science principles to many different industry groups or sectors. Geoimage has extensively advised the exploration geoscience sector, support utilities, infrastructure development and mining, has worked closely with environmentalists, flora and fauna specialists, agriculturalists, sustainability professionals and those focussed on water resources and natural resource management. Our clients include all tiers of government and many different private industry groups. We are also represented on a range of panels, working groups and industry Boards, presenting the views of the geospatial industry to the marketplace. Our business model enables collaborative relationships to be established with our close network of partner organisations, so we can offer the market customised project teams for specific tasks. We take our client relationships very seriously and believe our value is in the quality of the advice we can offer to nearly everyone.
How do you scope work and is there a price list available?
Specialised services and consulting work tends to be scoped on a project basis and will be customised to suit the range of application, the type and quality of the data and ultimately the needs and budget of the client. As such, we do not standardise our services through the establishment of a price list, although most work is scoped on a time and disbursement basis. Our team has a range of hourly or daily rates which are commensurate with their length of tenure, experience and suitability to the project. Geoimage is happy to work with clients to offer modified scopes or staging to suit any range of budget and deliverable requirements.

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