Geoimage commenced operation in August 1988 with two shareholders and employees – Sylvia Michael and Bob Walker both of whom had worked for Mount Isa Mines (Carpentaria) Exploration – Sylvia as the Computer Geologist and Bob as the Manager of Image Processing Services (IPS). IPS offered contract image processing services to MIM Exploration as well as other exploration groups outside of MIM.
The group commenced in Bob’s garage which was quickly turned into an office area, and with two Apollo Computers running Disimp Software from the CSIRO Div of Computing Research.

In Mid 1990, Geoimage was appointed one of the first resellers of ER Mapper and this began a successful partnership which has continued until 2009 when ERMapper joined ERDAS.
In 1991, an office at suite 13/180 Moggill Road was rented and the Brisbane office is still at that address.

Mike Peters joined us in 1993 in the Brisbane office – Mike has a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Electronics and a Masters in Information Technology, and over 20 years experience in the sales and processing of satellite imagery. Mike was the Technical Manager as well as Company Director/ Secretary for the Board of Directors of Geoimage and was with us for over 20 years! Over the years, Mike spear-headed some of our major projects including the NSW Government Statewide SPOT 5 processing project for 6 different epochs. His vision around research and development in support of business outcomes has been critical to the growth of the organisation. Mike left Geoimage in February 2015 and our best wishes go with him for his future endeavours.

Bob WalkerBob Walker & Sylvia MichaelBrisbane Office
Bob WalkerBrisbane officeMax Bye & Bob Walker - Directors
Geoimage Darwin Office
Sylvia Michael, Keiko Hamam & Madelaine Clark
Bob Walker, Keiko Hamam & Thomas TseGeoimage Christmas picnic
Geoimage Christmas picnic

Max Bye joined us in 1994 – Max ran the BHP Exploration image processing group from about 1979 until about 1992 when he resigned from BHP to run a newsagency in Melbourne. Max has a B.Sc(Hons) in geology and physics from University of WA. After a few years in the Brisbane office, Max moved to Perth to establish the Perth Office in February 1997. Max was a director of Geoimage and left the company in February 2015 after 21 years of service. Max's extensive knowledge is still available to us as he will become a technical adviser/consultant and work on specific projects for Geoimage.

Lee Anderson joined us in 1994 and is responsible for all areas relating to accounting functions, financial reporting, vendor ordering and marketing support. Lee is an experienced, practical and outcome-oriented specialist with a proven track record in delivering a diverse range of functions that support management and staff.

In mid 2000, Geoimage was appointed a reseller of Space Imaging's (later GeoEye) IKONOS imagery. Raytheon subsequently became the reseller of IKONOS and SPOT imagery in Australia until the end of 2006 at which stage AAMHatch was appointed the distributor of IKONOS and GeoEye-1, and SPOT distribution went back to SPOT Imaging Services.

Shona Chisholm joined us in July 2000 and is still one of our valued employees. Shona has a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Geography. Shona moved from Brisbane to Sydney in August 2010, and is now Business Development Manager for the East Coast.

Greg Madden joined in April 2005 and is a graduate in Geomatics. Greg’s previous employment was 22 years with the RAAF as a Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analyst. His experience within Defence and Federal Government provides Geoimage with a unique insight into this vertical market. He is primarily involved with the processing of datasets from the full suite of Geoimage’s imagery products, particularly large projects - such as the NSW SPOT 5 statewide project - and DSM/DTMs.

Keiko Hamam joined us as Business Development Manager New South Wales in January 2007. Keiko previously worked for SPOT Imaging Services and introduced SPOT to the Australian marketplace in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  With her background in marketing, she now manages all things marketing for Geoimage.

In January 2011, Geoimage was happy to announce the appointment of Wayne Middleton to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Wayne had come to us from MWH Global where he was formerly the National Business Development and Strategy Manager for Water. He has degrees in Agriculture and Civil Engineering and brings to Geoimage his significant experience in strong leadership, effective communication and building high performance teams. Bob Walker, one of the founding directors and longstanding CEO of Geoimage, remains with the company, stepping into the role of Chief Technical Advisor.

Natalie Dalgleish (nee Ladner) as Business Development Manager in August 2011. Natalie comes to us with a background in Sales and Business Development acquired at ESRI Australia, operating in the mining and petroleum sector. Natalie brings a wealth of understanding and practical experience and focuses on the existing market clients in WA and develops clients and opportunities within all major market sectors.

In April 2012, Simon Greig joined us as an imagery specialist. Simon is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Information Science from the Otago University of Dunedin, New Zealand. Simon has been a welcome addition to our team and brings with him over five years experience within the commercial geospatial industry. During this period, he has been involved with database design and management, software sales, analysis and delivery of imagery-derived products. His current job includes managing the sales from the Brisbane office and also looks after all our software vendor accounts such as PCI & Hexagon.

Continuing its strategy of evolving to deliver innovative solutions to clients, Geoimage was acquired by Jensen Bowers Group in February 2015. The combination of the two companies and their innovative technologies and services will provide Jensen Bowers Group with a performance capability which no other company can currently match. Each company complements the other in products, service standards, culture and commitment to their communities. This opportunity will now accelerate growth plans for both brands under the umbrella of a single organisation and we look forward to adding new chapters to the Geoimage history.

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