Dr. Colin Nash

Dr. Colin Nash is a consultant with 40+ years experience in photogeology and image interpretation. His clientele include major international mining companies and junior explorers in the Australasia region.

Colin specialises in the extraction of geological information from satellite images and imaged geophysical survey data and the preparation of digital GIS ready geological maps, both for greenfield and for brownfield mineral exploration projects. 

Prior to setting up Colin Nash & Associates in 1998, he held senior positions with several international consulting groups, including Hunting Geology and Geophysics and World Geoscience. Colin’s PhD was awarded in 1988, for research into applications of photogeology to geological mapping. He has been involved in the provision of training courses to industry and Government geoscientists since 1979.

Since 1998, Colin has carried out some 300 image-based mapping projects in over 30 countries. He has gathered extensive experience over the Central Andes of South America, (Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina), Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South-East Asia, India, Mongolia and Southern Africa. 



Email: colnash1@bigpond.com

55 Killmorey Street, Carindale  QLD 4152, Australia

Telephone: +61 7 3395 3222
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