Making life easier for mining reporting using satellite imagery and ERDAS Imagine.

During the life of a mine, continual evidence based monitoring and assessment are needed to comply with government legislation for all mining leases. Satellite derived spatial datasets can assist in identifying and quantifying areas, regions of success and stress and be used to assess change throughout the project areas. Summaries of these compliance monitoring activities are then able to be combined with the evidence and support the completion of mining compliance reports in a timely manner.

Geoimage and Hexagon invited to to attend a FREE WEBINAR to show you how easily this can be achieved by using satellite data and ERDAS Imagine.

Topics covered include:
  • Monitoring plans - construction around mine sites, infrastructure & development and how monthly captures can help save money and assist you in tracking & reporting.
  • Vegetation change - compliance, endagered species, clearing and disturbances.
  • Mine Disturbance - pit changes, stock piles, batch processing, NDVI, maps for reports
  • ENVI - what, where, changed & rehab., long term effects, historical pics and digital proofs;
  • ERDAS Imagine - capabilities for change detection, extract elevation stereo data, point cloud data, batch processing, NDVI to mention but a few.


TIME: 1:30PM - 2:30PM AEST - Australian Eastern Standard time.

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